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Meeting & Introduction

Everything begins with an introduction! At the very instant you meet an elephant you have to let him/her catch your smell, that is how they know you. After that, you need to comfort the elephant by stroking on the trunk and talking at the same time. The contact here we are talking about is more spiritual than physical let the elephant feel your positive energy. 

The most astonishing thing here is that to communicate with elephants there is a certain language that they understand very well. We teach you some basics of this language so that you can communicate with elephants yourself.

Feeding the elephant

To tell you, elephants like to eat, especially if you have a banana and another fruit's. The next favorite on the list is Sugar Cane. Elephants can feed for hours without interruption have a big appetite. In our garden, we give you information about what and how we feed them with what special ingredients we provide to defeat the heat you.

Painting on elephant

Well, the painting will be one of the most intriguing parts of your visit. We call them "MOVING CANVAS", as when you paint them you will experience the same.

The color we use here is water/herbal colors easy to put easy to wash away, keeping the skin of elephant safe.

Elephant washing & shower

Ever imagine bathing with an Elephant. If not, then just do it. Play with Elephants and give them a shower. Elephants will love it, and make your trip more memorable.

Here you can get a joyful experience of bathing and washing the elephants.

We will help you to bath and play with Elephants in water. Elephants also love water and want to play with you. So don’t wait, start playing with Elephants and start making new friends. This will make your journey more memorable In the daytime you can wash and play with Elephants in water under our guidance.

Walking with the elephants in the village

Every Elephant needs to walk at least 9 - 10 kilometers as they have a very poor digestion system so it's always better for them to walk.




Elephant walk is good for them, it's same as we do a workout. We allow people only for the walk with them.

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